B-Ball B-Team

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Visitor Home Date Day Time Location W/L

MMS Cheldelin 1 1/20 Fri. 5:45 BGCC W-30-12

Nams2 MMS 1/23 Mon. 6:35 NAMS L-No Coment

MMS Linus Pauling 1 1/28 Sat. 10:45 BGCC W-40-36...Nail Biter

Cheldelin2 MMS 2/3 Fri. 5:10 BGCA L46-27

MMS Zion 2/8 Wed. 7:00 BGCC

Linus Pauling2 MMS 2/9 Thurs. 7:50 BGCA

MMS NAMS1 2/13 Mon. 8:10 NAMS

Raiders MMS 2/15 Wed. 8:00 NAMS

MMS CMS1 2/21 Tue. 5:15 NAMS

NAMS2 MMS 2/23 Thurs. 5:10 BGCA

***************************BYE WEEK********************************

CMS2 MMS 3/2 Thurs. 6:30 BGCA

MMS Philomath1 3/7 Tues. 5:15 PMS

Play-offs will be posted when we make them...

BGCA = Boys and Girls Club of Albany
NAMS = North Albany Middle School
BGCC = Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis
PMS = Philomath Middle School


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Dak-Ind said...

next request? google a map of the BGCC and give me directions? I am sorry we missed tonights game. Hoever, the next game is actually ON Chris's birthday and he has his dragon ball z tournament that day at 1 at the mall, he says if you post us a good map or directions we can go to the corvallis one. You should sign up for the game tourney if you are "game-able" by then... when ARE you Game enabled?


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